The Farallon Brands Inc. is a family of distinctive brands each of which offers unique qualities and attributes. This exceptional collection of brands allows the company to bring an extensive range of products and designs targeting various markets and retailers in the US and abroad.

Petit Trésor is for parents who look for elegance, luxury and attention to details as they begin the most important new chapter of their lives.

Known as the go-to designers for Hollywood celebrities, lifelong friends, Nina Takesh and Samantha Winch met in the Lycee Francais School of Los Angeles as young children. Both women spent a great deal of time in Europe working in famous fashion houses.

It was after trying to design their own nurseries these moms realized there was a void in the market for luxurious, custom nursery designs. Nina and Samantha loved “all things baby”, and they knew that they have a great eye for putting together elegant nurseries. Inspired by the finest European style, they wanted to introduce all of their favorite products and traditions to the United States, so Petit Trésor - “Little Treasure” was born.

Petit Nest is from one of Hollywood’s most style-conscious and design-savvy moms: award-winning designer Lonni Paul. As a designer, Lonni Paul is known for championing purity, clean lines and a refined modern vision with understated elegance.

According to Lonni, a home should be a cohesive design statement. The children’s rooms should reflect the design aesthetic of the rest of the home while adding a bit of whimsy and playfulness, but they should not look completely out of step. Children’s rooms should still have style and a design point of view. That is exactly what Petit Nest offers.

The Natures Purest offers collections made of premium, organically grown and naturally colored cotton - nature in its simplest form for baby. Every Natures Purest product is solely created from cotton buds that grow in natural shades of cream, brown and green. They represent the Earth’s colors and creations at their best without the addition of unnatural pesticides, chemicals or dyes. Each cotton bud is transformed into simple, uncomplicated fabrics that are beautifully designed to comfort and protect your newborn baby. Natures Purest is truly 100% natural and pure. Good for baby.... Good for the environment.

A wide range of products made of bamboo and organically grown, naturally colored cotton includes: baby bedding and nursery accessories, layette, bath sets and gift items.

The Sesame Street is one of the most beloved children's television series. It is known for its extensive range of products featuring characters recognized by millions of children around the world. Farallon Brands creates travel accessories under the Sesame Street brand in a variety of styles.

Shopping for Baby doesn’t have to be an ordinary task — it can be a joyful discovery that starts with us and ends in your nursery, living room, and every place you interact with your little one. We take pride in helping families connect by offering apparel, gear, toys, bedding and other items that inspire every moment of the day.

So whether you’re heading out with Baby on his first trip to Grandma’s house or chasing your messy little monster from the kitchen to the bathtub, we’ll be right there with you. We work with the best brands in the infant industry to bring you products that add an extra dash of magic to your time with Baby, and hopefully make life a little easier.

We’re here to help your little character grow up, just as you grew up, with the magic of Disney. Disney Baby. Creating magical moments right from the start™.

Farallon Brands offers an assortment of baby and nursery products under Disney Baby brand in Australia.