About Farallon Brands
Living today better.
We strive to build a foundation of trust in all of our relationships by making every effort to do what is right and through honoring our word. We evaluate our actions and assess risks in order to uphold the Farallon values in our business decisions.

We seek the best people, products and brands and endeavor to be the best in all that we do. We assess and measure performance to garner quality results and we believe that learning through education and experience promotes success.

We strive to create a culture of leadership by having a clear picture of our direction and effectively using our resources and work as a team to achieve strategic and leadership objectives.

We show respect for all individuals and groups and we endeavor to treat people the way they wish to be treated by valuing differences and individual contributions and opinions.

We aim to grow our business through practices that respect the individuals with which we work and the earth in which we live by simplifying and streamlining processes in order to reduce inefficiencies and waste of material and non-material resources.
Farallon Brands takes its role in the local and global community seriously. We believe in being responsible corporate citizens and have developed a corporate giving program and have taken on key initiatives to guide our business practices. Please read on to learn more:

We believe in fair labor practices. In addition to our efforts to offer our own employees competitive wages and benefits, we seek work with other companies that do the same. We meet personally with manufacturers and vendors around the world to evaluate their labor standards and we endeavor to engage only in business relationships in which fair labor practices are used. For more information on fair labor practices, please visit fairtrade.net.

We believe in responsible manufacturing. We strive to develop and make products that do not harm the people using them or the earth we live on. We ensure that our products are made using non-toxic materials for the benefit and overall health of our consumers, our employees and the environment.

We understand the sale of goods can impact the local and global community in many ways; therefore, we consider the significance of the business decisions we make regarding packaging, shipping, retailers and manufacturers. We believe in assessing the whole product impact – from start to finish.
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