About Farallon
Company History
Farallon Brands was founded by Chief Executive Officer, Michael Roach, an experienced entrepreneur who had a vision to innovate, develop, manufacture and distribute quality life-style products that enhance individuals' enjoyment and fulfillment of life.

Roach began the Farallon journey with the Studio Arts brand and the idea of bringing high quality, niche home décor to wider audiences and discovered that there was a demand for several other niche, life-style products. Given this discovery and successes with Studio Arts, Roach pursued other niche, life-style brands and began to build Farallon Brands market depth and breadth.

Today, Farallon Brands continues to grow while holding true to its core values and focusing on business practices that employ and build on the company's core strengths. Farallon Brands is thrilled to continue to offer quality brands and looks forward to new opportunities to produce products that enhance enjoyment in people's lives.
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