About Farallon
Our Strengths
We place a priority on customer service and partner relations from start to finish. We carefully ensure that everything from our service associates, to our product experts, to our technical and virtual tools, and to our warehouse is engineered to satisfy our customers.
We bring our customers and partners better service through our associates combined years of experience in brand management.
We use advanced software applications to facilitate communications between Farallon and our customers.
We employ standard processes for managing customer and partner information and we are adaptable to address unique customer and partner needs and situations.
We evaluate our customer satisfaction through our results and customer and partner feedback and continually strive to improve our service.
Our vision is to create long-lasting partnerships as we grow to be one of the premier brand management companies in North America.
We eliminate inefficiencies of traditional sourcing methods and apply our own strategic global sourcing practices.
We work directly with manufacturers and warehouse our own products in order to improve efficiency of scale and reduce cost.
We have years of successful experience in global supply chain management, which gives us unique talent in operational excellence.
We have a talent for creating and discovering new products ideas and transforming these ideas into reality in the consumer market.
We consistently rethink our products' and our brands' relevancy to the contemporary market and re-invent ourselves to meet current consumer expectations.
We evaluate niche markets and bring great ideas to wider audiences.
We assess our consumers' product preferences and evaluate the consumers' perceived and real value to offer competitive product pricing.
With our comprehensive consumer and category research, we are able to help retailers better position themselves to be competitive within our niche markets.
We consistently respond and adapt products based on our research in order to provide our consumers with the unexpected product improvements and unique benefits.
We specialize in creating and managing the brand experience for all of our products.
We connect with our consumers on every level and understand how they feel.
We build brand loyalty by creating a positive consumer experience and offering quality and reliable products.
Our creative specialists and product experts combine their skills and knowledge to build effective and unique brand strategies to target consumers' preferences and personal connections and affinities.
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